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Dana, owner/designer of Danare Designs, lights her torch

Jewelry from Danare Designs is designed and created in the U.S.

(Ships from the U.S., too.)


YOU LIVE..an authentic life.

YOU DESERVE...authentic jewelry.


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We understand.  You want natural stone jewelry rich with the color and character of the great outdoors. Wear the beauty of the Earth everyday. Handcrafted in Illinois by designer Dana Jewett.

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A copper ring sits on the Danare Designs workbench awaiting the final polish.


Joy - We find joy in nature – that’s why we design natural stone jewelry!

Kindness – We know kindness is a renewable resource.  We try to give some away each day.

Family – We believe we are better, together. We seek out time to go camping, volunteer, and go on long car rides together.

Hard Work – We think dreams are made by working both hard and smart.  Faith, hope, and love play a large role, too.

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Placing our hands the Petrified stone, Danare Designs Natural Stone Jewelry was born

My new Japser earrings will always remind me of the time I spent rafting down the Colorado river

"Danare Designs jewelry is like potato chips - I can't own just one!  I am a repeat customer and always love the quality and attention put into every facet of the transaction." ~ Dawn M. (Mother, advocate of special needs children, small business supporter)

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